Acoustic guitar tutorial

Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – a Simple Guide to Guitar Basics

ACOUSTIC GUITAR TUTORIAL.  Are you a beginner guitarist?

Are you not sure how a guitar works?

Have you ever heard of a capo?

Did you know that a guitar needs to be tuned in once in a while?

If you answered no to any of the above then you are in luck.  In this article I will go through all the basics of the guitar.  I also will let you know what items you will need to be able to play correctly.


Before we go any further lets dive into the guitar itself.  For any brand new guitarist you will need to know the different parts of a guitar and what they do.

how to learn to play guitar by yourself

The above picture is of an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar.  You might be wondering what is the difference.


The electric guitar is just like the wording says .  It is a guitar that uses electricity to be able to play the sounds.  All electric guitars will play the music of the guitar into a sound system or an AMP.  An electric guitar will not be audible without playing into a sound system.


A sound system is where sounds of instruments are played into.  An electric guitar plays music into a sound system and the system then projects the sounds with the help of electricity and speakers.  A sound system is used in concerts, churches, halls and any other place that crowds gather to watch a performance.  Some people might even have a sound system in their houses and use it to play their own instruments. – Acoustic guitar tutorial


An AMP or amplifier is a speaker.  The speaker will plug into your electric guitar and plays the sound out.  Most AMPS have the ability to control volume, bass, treble and much more. – Acoustic guitar tutorial.


The acoustic guitar is played without plugging it into a sound system.  The body of the guitar is hollow and that allows the sound of the guitar to travel better.  Acoustic guitars have the ability to play through sound systems with the help of pickups.  They are plugged into the sound system in the same way as the electric guitar.

The acoustic guitar is broken down into the following parts:

  1. The head: this part of the guitar holds the tuning keys and the strings.
  2. The tuning keys:  Guitarist use the tuning keys to tune in theirs guitars.  The keys must be turn up or down to get to the perfect tuning.
  3. The nut: The strings of the guitar run from the bridge of the guitar over the nut to the tuning keys.
  4. The neck: The string run from the body to the head of the guitar via the neck.  The neck also has the fret board where you place your fingers to play chords.
  5. The frets: Most guitars will have 17 frets.  The frets are positions on the fret board and neck.  Each fret will strum a different sound as you go up or down the guitar.
  6. The fingerboard: Guitarists use the fingerboard to play chords and place their fingers while they play.
  7. Position markers:  These markers make it easier to see where to place your fingers while playing.
  8. Body: This is where the hole of the guitar is.  The strings also run down to the bridge.  The body also supports the neck of the guitar.
  9. Pick guard: This guard protects the body of the guitar from any scratches.
  10. Soundhole: The hole makes the guitar strings play out louder and fuller.
  11. The saddle:  The strings come from the bridge over the saddle of the guitar.
  12. The bridge:  The strings come from the bridge of the guitar which is located on the body.


The sound of the guitar is played from the nut of the guitar to the bridge therefore once you strum or pick on a string it will vibrate between the nut and bridge.  If you place your fingers on the strings above the nut it won’t make any different to the sound.  The sound will only play differently if you place your finger on the fingerboard on the neck.  The frets will shorten or lengthen the string depending on the sound. – Acoustic guitar tutorial


guitar pick

The guitar pick is very important part of playing the guitar.  You use a pick to play on the guitar strings.  It is very important that you hold the pick firmly with your thumb and index finger. Always hold the pick at the tip.  Some people hold the pick with the middle finger, index finger and thumb. – Acoustic guitar tutorial


Most guitars have six guitar strings.  Each string is a guitar chord.

Acoustic guitar tutorial

  1. First string – E – thinnest string
  2. Second string – B
  3. Third string – G
  4.  Forth string – D
  5. Fifth string – A
  6. Sixth string – E – the top string


Guitar capo

A capo is used so that you can get a higher pitch while playing a song or a chord.  The capo goes onto the guitar neck and acts as a new nut.  If you not sure what a nut is on a guitar please see the picture of the guitar above.  The capo’s full name is capodastro and comes in a lot of variations.  I personally use one that is similar to the one in the picture above.  I often use one and it should be part of your guitar kit.  Loads of songs require that you have one.  – Acoustic guitar tutorial


capo on the guitar neck

They are very affordable to buy, you can buy these from any music store or from Amazon.  The best capo to purchase is the trigger capo like in the picture above.  The trigger capo is easily added to the neck by simply squeezing the handles of the capo and adding to the neck.  – Acoustic guitar tutorial


When you purchase a new guitar you will need to tune the guitar strings in.  The reason you will need to tune them in is because they will mostly come out of the box un-tuned.  Some cheaper guitars can lose their tuning much quicker as the tuning machines are cheap they turn back easier.  More expensive guitars can stay in tune for months without being tuned in.  This is one of the reasons your would want to purchase a better quality guitar.  – Acoustic guitar tutorial

The tuning machines are turned up or down depending on which way the tuners need to turn to tune in the string.


To be able to play the acoustic guitar you will need the following items.  These items are not must have items but rather items that you will need that will help you to play the guitar better.

  1. The guitar pick.  You will need a pick to help you strum the guitar strings. Some guitarist prefer not to use one but that will be something you will decide.
  2. The guitar strap.  A strap is a great must have item to strap your guitar onto your body while standing.  You will find it very awkward to play standing without one as you will need to hold it up.  So consider purchasing one.
  3. A guitar bag or gig bag.  If you travel around a lot or play for the church band you will want to have a bag that will protect the guitar from bumps or scratches.
  4. A guitar tuner.  Every guitar will need one of these. All guitars will eventually go out of tune even the more expensive ones.
  5. A capo.


The guitar is something you as a beginner can learn in no time. The key to playing and understanding your guitar is to purchase one and learn to play.  Take one step and a time and before you look again you will be able to play.  Learning to play is easy.  Do not feel pressurised to purchase all of these items like a tuner etc, if you learn to play first you can get all the other stuff later.  Read our other article Learn To Play Guitar By Yourself With These Easy Steps – Beginner Guide.