Best Beginner Guitars – 7 Of The Best Beginner Guitars

Best Beginner Guitars.  As a beginner guitarist, you have to purchase that first guitar. Unless you already have one already, I suppose then you just lucky. The decision can be easy for some and a huge buy for others.

For me, it was very easy, just purchase the cheapest and learn to play.  How wrong was I, the first guitar I owned cost me about $50.  The thing sounded like a piece of tin and would not stay in tune for longer than 2 hours.  I found it difficult to accept that I would need something of better quality.

So if you are similar to me then keep on reading, if not, still keep on reading as you might find that guitar you been looking for.

I have made a list of the 9 best beginner acoustic guitars.  These are in no particular order and they could even be used by an intermediate guitarist as their quality of play is great.


Best Beginner Guitars


The acoustic guitar comes brand new in a cardboard box.  When opened the actual guitar comes in another case.  This zip up guitar case is actually great quality and gives off a great first impression. Once you unzip the guitar it also then comes wrapped in a very thin polystyrene protective wrap.

The guitar case also has shoulder straps which makes it is easy to carry.  This is a great bonus for any guitarist as it makes this guitar so easy to haul around.  It also comes with a nice sized pocket in the front for all your other guitar accessories like guitar tuners, extra strings and maybe pics. – Best Beginner Guitars


The guitar feels light and looks really nice.  It comes with black tuners and the guitar comes out of the box un-tuned.  Which is expected for any new guitar.  The guitar finishing is not all that great, especially closer to the binding.  The bridge looks good and the rest of the guitar design just looks and feels like something of good quality.  The guitar also comes with the regular strap holder connector.

The guitar also comes free with a capo, an electric guitar tuner, an allen key, a strap for the bag, a cleaning cloth and a set of spare strings.  The capo is a very strong piece, it just feels like good quality.  This guitars sound comes through very nicely.  You can hear this thing is better quality than most other beginner guitars.  It also does not sound too tinny and the frets edges are done perfectly.  The guitars tuning also stayed as it was once tuned for the first time and has stayed like that for two weeks. – Best Beginner Guitars


  • The guitar is lightweight
  • Tuning lasts for a long time
  • The guitar play nicely, it has not strange vibrations or anything like that
  • Comes with very nice accessories
  • The tuner is very good quality


  • Guitar binding is not that great
  • High B and E on 13 fret sounds really bad – not sure why.


This is a great guitar for the price and is a guitar I would recommend to you if you a beginner or even intermediate.  The tuning lasts really long and it comes with GREAT accessories that make the whole package even more worthwhile. – Best Beginner Guitars


Fender, the Porsche of the guitar world.  While this is not an expensive guitar it is one of the nicest all-around guitars I have ever played.

best beginner guitar

This guitar comes in a bundle, in other words, you get free stuff with it.  You get your guitar, the bag, the strap, guitar tuner, bonus guitar strings, instructional DVD, cleaning or polishing cloth and the picks.  So no need to hassle around the shops looking for everything needed to play.  With this guitar, you can play right out of the box – well almost.

The guitars fretboard and bridge are made out of quality rosewood and the rest of the guitar comes with a glossy high-quality finish.  For those with small fingers, you might find that you will need to stretch those little fingers to get to the chords.


  • Beautifully presented guitar.
  • Stays in tune for up to 3 months before having to re-tune.
  • Guitar playing sound is very nice and there are no vibrations


  • The gig bag does not offer proper protection.
  • The gig bag also does not have any external storage spaces.
  • The strings that come with the guitar tend to break easily.


I would definitely recommend you have a look at this one.  This Fender feels just great and plays like an intermediate guitar.  If you are used to a $500 Fender then you will notice the difference.  This is a cheaper beginner Fender but is better than most other beginner guitars. – Best Beginner Guitars


 This is another one of those great beginner guitar packages. This guitar can last you all the years of learning and can still be used once you are an intermediate guitarist.  Or is really good to play hard as a beginner or try new things or experiment on.  I really like the fact you get all the things you need to get started.  Just like the above guitars you get a gig bag, footrest, extra strings, cloth to clean and a DVD that has instruction in it.

Best Beginner Guitars

The guitar comes available in three different colors: sunburst, natural and black.  The neck is nicely sized and feels great as you don’t have to overstretch those fingers.  The guitar also comes with bronze made strings which sound really great for any solo artist or someone who sings a solo in church.  The 351 shape is the old and best shape used by Fender this making the guitar that much easier to play.

PRO – Best Beginner Guitars

  • The very nice looking guitar looks and feels like the real deal (expensive guitar).
  • Sound superb.

CONS – Best Beginner Guitars

  • This guitar requires frequent tuning – around once a week or so after lots of use.
  • The guitar does come with a strange odor, maybe the glue or varnish.  Good news is that it does go away after a few months of use.
  • Also, some visible glue that looks like it has dried.
  • After the 6th fret, you need to press your finger extra hard to get the chord.
  • Some frets are also a little rough on the fingers.
  • The guitar bag does not do much to protect the guitar.

CONCLUSION – Best Beginner Guitars

This is a Squier, the black sheep of the Fender family.  There are loads of rough edges and some sharply pointed frets but it is still a Fender.  The quality of the name “Fender” is still in the midst of this guitar and you can see and sense it while playing it.  The design is beautiful and the sound is not too bad.  This will be well appreciated by most guitarists especially a beginner.  If you are a little fussy then maybe stay away from this one.  If however, you want to learn on a Fender, this one is for you.  The sound will melt away any heart that happens to listen – well mostly.


Here is another great choice guitar for any beginner.  The guitar comes with a spruce top which helps make the strumming sound so much better.  This guitar comes shaped that helps it give off a big guitar sound that you don’t usually get from a guitar in this price range.

The sides and the back of the guitar are made out of Nato wood. The neck is also made out of the same Nato wood.  The guitar also comes with a truss rod which makes it very easy to adjust and also makes the guitar more stable.  The rosewood fretboard also feels great on the fingers and there are no sharp edges that will give you a sore finger.  You also get chrome covered tuners that work great and feel like good quality.

This guitar would be great to play around a fire or while driving for four hours to some place with the family.

The guitar is really light to carry, it almost has the feeling that it can break at any moment.  Almost like a fragile old man but when played does not feel that fragile.  I just hope I don’t by mistake bump it somewhere as I am sure that will do major damage.

PRO – Best Beginner Guitars

  • It plays and looks really good.
  • It comes with a nice satin finish to it.
  • The guitar holds tune for a long time.
  • Is a really light guitar.

CONS – Best Beginner Guitars

  • The straps that come with this guitar are not the best quality.
  • The strings that come with this guitar are not too great, would be better to purchase some better ones.
  • The sound when having a capo on seems to have a bad sound as it goes lower on the neck.

CONCLUSION – Best Beginner Guitars

If you are buying this for your daughter who is beginning to play guitar it would be a great choice.  If it is for your rough and tumble son I would think twice.  After a few bumps, this one could end up in the bin or trash.  Other than that this it plays beautifully.  For me, this is great as I won’t bump it everywhere and it should last a good couple of years. – Best Beginner Guitars


Best Beginner Guitars

This has to be one of the better acoustic guitars in its price range.  The sound is just out of this world, this could be the sound of something a lot more.  With full strum, this guitar plays in a great volume and this one is way ahead in sound quality that all the other guitars in our list above.  And wait there is, even more, this guitar comes with a lifetime guarantee, that is a long time to guarantee such great quality.

This is a beginner guitar, an intermediate guitar, and an experienced guitarists best friend.  The guitars have a top class finish and the binding is done very well.  It is also very easy to play and the fretboard is really great to rest your fingertips on.  There is no need to press to hard as the strings respond really well when fingered.

PRO – Best Beginner Guitars

  • Great quality sound.
  • Very nicely finished off.
  • It stays tuned for at least 3 weeks before you need to re tune it.

CONS – Best Beginner Guitars

  • The frets are a bit sharp on the fingers.
  • The tuner heads are also not the best quality, they almost have a plastic feel.  Also when tuning in your guitar it takes a while before they take affect on the string.  This can be bad on the strings as they can snap.
  • The guitar comes with very cheap strings.

CONCLUSIO – Best Beginner Guitars

This is a great guitar for its price and feels like really great quality.  I would recommend you purchase this one just to hear the great sound that comes from it. – Best Beginner Guitars


Best Beginner Guitars

This Yamaha Guitar comes in straight acoustic and acoustic electric.  It also comes in ruby red and the one above which is the natural colour.  This rage of Yamaha guitar is really affordable and can be categorised as a beginner guitar.  A beginner guitar with some style.

The sound is good in the low chords and plays very loud when strummed harder. The first feel of this guitar is really good.  The FG800 is a upgrade from the 700 and plays harder and better.  It is also very easy to play on would be a great present for any beginner who wants to learn on quality strings.

This guitar is built very well, it does not come out of the box with glue all over it or with gaps anywhere.  The guitar is made out of sikta which makes this guitar a very good looking instrument.  The neck is easy to play near to the body as it is sleaker and would be easier to wrap fingers around when playing bar chords.


  • The guitar is very light and easy to hold while playing.
  • Easy to play


  • The head of the guitar looks like it was painted and probably will fade after a few years. – Best Beginner Guitars


best beginner guitars

So you are wondering why, why would I add a guitar that costs so much more.  And why would I add a Taylor guitar under beginner guitars.

Some beginners might want to splash some of their hard earned cash.  Some people just have to have great quality from the beginning.  That why I had added this beaut of a guitar, the awesome Taylor Baby.

The Baby Taylor is a smallest guitar that Taylors makes, the guitar is only 16 inches across the front.  The guitar is also much slimmer than the others.  This is Taylors most affordable full scale guitar.  The guitar does also come with 2 very visible screws at the bottom of its neck but actually makes this one look even better.

The body of the guitar is three piece or layered sapele and poplar wood.  The top i solid spruce and comes with an ebony bridge and finger board.

So after tuning this baby up I strummed those chords and I was not a beginner anymore.  I felt on top of the world, I just love the sound of great quality.  This guitar sound like money was spent on it and it should.  The size is also great and it sits very well on my lap while playing for my kids.  Strumming those chords brings out a crisp sound – something very nice sounding indeed. – Best Beginner Guitars


  • Very light guitar.
  • Guitar stays in tune for years – I had it for 2 months and still was in tune after about 1 hours playing a days. Not bad!
  • This guitar play a very good volume.
  • Very nice guitar bag.


I actually struggled to find something bad about this guitar as is probably one of the best guitars available. – Best Beginner Guitars


So I left the best for last,yes it does cost a bit more.  This guitar is actually rated as on of the best beginner guitars from Taylor.  This is why they made it smaller to cut the cost so that they could make a more affordable guitar.  But don’t get this wrong – smaller does not mean not good quality.  The quality remains Taylor and there is not much you can take away from it.

This would be the best guitar you can buy for its price and is the best of all the others on my list above.  I would love to get this as a gift and you can tick this off for your guitarist cousin for a Christmas gift if you want to splash your money.

This is the best beginner guitar you can buy from all the other best beginner guitars.  Please comment below to let me know if you purchased any of these and let me know how you like it. – Best Beginner Guitars

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