Best Travel Guitars – The 6 Best Travels Guitars Money Can Buy

Best Travel Guitars. Spring is in the air and you got outdoor and travel on your mind.  Be it going to the beach, sitting around the camp fire or having a BBQ, you need to bring along your guitar.

But lugging that big ol guitar is not so easy.  If you need to find a smaller guitar to take around this guitar list is for you.  For those of you who cannot travel without your guitar – this list is made with you in mind:



This 22 fret travel guitar comes with a maple neck and Basswood back.  This little travel guitar comes packed and loaded just like you full average electric guitar.  The guitar weighs a light 00.32 ounces.  The guitar does have to be played with  an amp as it is basically an electric guitar but only smaller and more compact.  You also do get a little gig bag that comes with it that has shoulder pads, this is extra cool for those hikers.

The gig bag is also nicely padded that really helps nicely to protect it from any bumps.  The guitar does stay in tune for a good couple of days but will go out of tune when carried around in the bag.  This guitar obviously comes with steel strings and extra strings just in case they snap.  Also playing with a strap is the best option as this is actually a very uncomfortable guitar as it is shaped so weird.


  • Very light and very easy to carry.
  • Well priced.
  • Portable and can squeeze into boot and maybe flight compartments.
  • This guitar can be easily modified.
  • Guitar has stayed i tune for nearly three weeks of play.


  • The body of the guitar is lighter than the head and neck.
  • The guitar sound it not too great but works for any trip.
  • The guitar is a lot smaller than the convensional guitar so it gets some getting used to.  Also you cannot play it off your lap as it is very awkward.
  • Cannot replace one string at a time, you will need to unwind all strings to change one – this is actually an annoying too..


This acoustic travel guitar comes with a spruce top and a Tonewood back.  You also get your 15 frets and a very comfortable smaller size guitar.  Imagine sitting around the camping fire playing songs with this beaut.  You also get to carry it around lightly with the small weight of only 5 pounds.  The weird shape is something to get used to but you would only buy this for travelling.  Playing using a strap is the best ways to play and is the most comfortable.

For those of you that fly around the place this is the perfect guitar to take with you.  Placing it into the compartment is very easy and should fit most of the time.

QUICK TRAVEL TIP: Best Travel Guitars

Always loosen the strings as they can snap if you travel.


  • This is a very light guitar as expected.
  • You can fit it into anywhere.
  • It has comes with a very cool bag that you can throw over your shoulder.
  • It sounds awesome, you could almost think it is a full guitar.
  • The fret board is great quality and feels well built.
  • Stays in tune for weeks of good travel – but take a tuner just in case.
  • It is very solid and won’t break is knocked a bit so will be perfect for hiking and setting up camp.


  • The fret board is very small.
  • The guitar is unbalanced, but is forgivable as it is it a travel guitar.
  • The volume is not the same as a regular guitar.
  • It is a little weird to hold in the beginning but after playing it for a while you will be good.
  • The strings can vibrate a bit at times but is not too bad.
  • This is not a guitar to play in front of people – so don’t purchase this for a gig you want to do 🙂
  • The neck of the guitar is very thick.


This Washburn guitar comes with a solid spruce top, good quality tuners and a very good binding.  This is a typical travel guitar that can fit anywhere from your packed car boot to the passenger plain over head compartment.   What makes this one stand out from other traveller guitars is that it almost has the same feel as a normal guitar.  Except for the obvious, that the body of the guitar is a quarter the size.

The sound of this one is not too bad, although you can hear a bit of a difference.  Especially if you own a quality piece.  But be is as it may, this is a travel guitar and will be the perfect companion on your family hike.  The neck is a full guitar neck which makes it that much easier to play.  This Washburn comes with a very nice protective case with a great little handle to carry.  It does not have any shoulder straps though if you as a camper is looking for that.  The case also comes with loads of storage space.

At only seven pounds this is a very easy guitar to carry around.  The guitar is a total length is 34 inches.


  • Very nice sounding when playing, better than most other travel guitars.
  • The fret board is easy to play as it is a full size fret board.
  • Very light to carry.
  • Very portable.


  • The guitar is hard to play as the size of the guitar is loads smaller than the average guitar.  So it will take some getting used to.
  • The guitar does come with a smell, but after having this guitar for three weeks the smell has gone.
  • The strings that come with the guitar are not great quality, but that is a easy fix as you can purchase replaceable ones at the click of a button on Amazon.


This is a unique little guitar that will be your closest friend on any trip, especially if you are a budding guitarist like myself.  This guitar was introduced at the 2015 Winter Namm Show.  The very unique body size is small enough to cart around while travelling and has the unique guitar shape we all used to.

This guitar feels and play like a normal guitar with a full size classical neck. So it has plenty of room to move your fingers around.  The body is tropical American Mahogany and the top is solid spruce.  The neck is a three piece and is also made out of Mahogany.  The fingerboard is made out of Rosewood, the bridge is a pin bridge which is slightly un common on a nylon stringed guitar.  This little guitar is a quality piece and you can see all the detail and beautiful finish.

The tuners are open gear as it does not put the same type of tension as on a metal string guitar.  This guitar is very well balanced compared to most other traveller guitars.  The finish on the guitar is an open pore which makes the guitar lighter and resonate.


  • This guitar is very light and portable.
  • The quality of the sound is really good.
  • The whole guitar is of very good quality.
  • It is not uneven when playing like other travel guitars.


  • You can hear that it has nylon strings.
  • The strings also have a bit of a buzz if played too hard.


This ultra-light traveler guitar is a great choice for those of you who want to travel with your guitar.  This strange looking electrical guitar comes in a cool little carry bag that has a connection that makes the guitar sit into you like an actual guitar.  This guitar comes in natural, vintage red and antique brown colour.  The finish is really nicely done and there is nothing you can complain about.  This guitar is very solid and won’t break after taking a knock or two.  The guitar also does come with a truss rod, which is why it is a solid unit.

It can be used unplugged or plugged into an amp.  The unplugged sound is almost like playing an unplugged electric guitar but a little louder.  Playing it unplugged is great for those who want to take their guitar with them to practice.  Once compared to a normal acoustic you can hear that this is very soft, an acoustic guitar is much louder if not strummed hard.  There is also very little vibration when strumming on the strings only when you get to the thirteenth fret.

When plugging it into an amplifier it plays really well and you can almost think it is an actual electric guitar.  Obviously, a full electrical guitar does sound a little better but it does come close.

The tuning pegs are not where you would see the normal pegs. This guitar comes with them on the body of the guitar, this takes some getting used to.  This feature was done like this to get the guitar balancing right so that it is not out on the head.


  • Ultra lightweight guitar and super portable.
  • Guitar hardly ever goes out of tune, we played this for almost one month without having to re-tune it.
  • The guitar comes with a body extension which mimics a full body electric guitar.
  • The guitar sounds really good.


  • Even though the designers put the tuning pegs on the body it is still a little out of balance.  The head does dive if you balance it from your strap.
  • There is not guitar head which takes some getting used to.
  • The velcro on the back of the guitar that protects the strings from damaging the body is really poor quality and won’t last too long.
  • The wooden blocks on the back of the guitar that holds the tuning pegs seem to dig into you while playing.  This is another thing to get used to.


Yes, I am sure you saying why such an expensive traveler guitar.  That is because you deserve to see them all before making the decision to purchase one.  The Traveler Guitar Pro is a top quality traveler guitar that is for that serious guitarist that wants to take a guitar along where ever they go.

This guitar comes with a quality nylon gig bag with loads of packaging pouches.  The gig bag comes with a handle to carry and a shoulder strap so you can throw it over your shoulder.  This traveler guitar is incredibly light and compact and very easy to travel with.  It will easily fit into the overhead compartment of an aeroplane or next to you in your vehicle.  You even easily throw this over your shoulder while you riding your bike.

In the smaller pouch you get a few adjustment tools and in the other you get an upper arm support that assists you when you play.  You also get an instruction manual that will show you how to tune the guitar in and a few other instructions.  The guitar comes in a foil bag that helps to protect the guitar while being shipped.

The whole body and neck of this guitar is made out of one piece of Eastern American Hard Maple.  The guitar has got great tone and feels like real good quality.  You will notice that the body is much shorter than the typical guitar.  This guitar is also very easy to play, you can sit it down on your lap or you can put on a strap and play it standing up.  The hang strap at the top of the guitar can also be used to hand it and store it somewhere.  You can also easily remove it by clipping it off.


  • Very light and easy to carry around.
  • This guitar has a real nice full sound.
  • It has a very nice build and feels strong.
  • Stays in tune for a long time.
  • Very well balanced guitar.


  • The output jack is in a very awkward spot.

CONCLUSION – Best Travel Guitars

Best Travel Guitars

So when travelling becomes difficult because you cannot take your guitar with.  Or playing the guitar around the camp fire sound better than old folk tales. The you know that you are a guitairst and I understand your need to lug that big guitar of yours around.  I hope this list has helped you make your decision easier.  Please let me know in the comments below on how this helped and let me know if you purchased any of the above.  If you purchased one please leave a review on here so you can help other traveler guitarists like yourself choose that guitar companion.

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