Guitar Exercises for Beginners

Guitar Exercises for Beginners – 8 Easy Guitar Practice Exercises

Guitar exercises for beginners, this is a very important part of learning the guitar.  Just like with everything else we do and learn we need to practice and exercise.  So why practice guitaring you probably asking, well your fingers also have muscle and need to practice and exercise to learn.

Now when you are a complete beginner your fingers do actually need to learn to stretch and play all those difficult bar chords.

Always try you best to play each chord you learn properly from the beginning otherwise they can easily turn into bad habits.  As a musician it is actually no fun to do daily exercises for your fingers. I would rather go do something else like trying to play a new song or tuning my strings.  But over the time I have learnt to play I have realised that finger exercises are very important.

Doing daily finger exercises will make a huge difference in your guitaring ability and will shine through the longer you do it.  As getting the correct technique while playing is important and it actually help you play better.  It also helps your finger not have as much pain after playing for a longer period.

EXERCISE 1 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

Guitar Exercises for Beginners

For the first exercise you will need to place your index finger on the fifth fret as in the picture above.  Place your other fingers on each fret next to it.  So you will place your four fingers on four different frets.

Now lift your index finger and put it down and then your middle finger and put it down.  Do this with all your fingers one at a time.  For most of you this will be very easy depending on how you use your fingers.

Do this a couple of times, the ring finger is normally the one finger that does not come all the way up.  Keep trying as this will benefit you tremendously once your fingers are use to playing independently.

EXERCISE 2 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

Guitar Exercises for Beginners

For this exercise you will need to use your four finger again but on the sixth string only.  Just like exercise one you must lift each finger from your pinky to your index finger.  So now you have completed the sixth string you will need to go down each string until the first one.  Do each finger and then go on to the next one and to the next string.  Do this also for a few times until your fingers feel like they move easily.  You don’t need to worry about getting any sound from these practices.  You must just learn to move your fingers easily through to each string.

This exercise is important as you will learn finger independence. This also helps with your finger spacing and will help you when you play as your fingers will be much more used to moving around the chords.  Do this every time you sit down to practice especially if you experience any pain in your arm from playing.

EXERCISE 3 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

This is a guitaring exercise that will take you to the next level.  So on this one you will place each finger on a different fret.  Instead of picking each one up you will bend each finger down until it touches your hand.  Start with your index finger and go to your pinky.  Practice this as much time as you need.  This one will help with the strength under your arm.  This one will take your finger independence to the next level.

EXERCISE 4 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

Hold your fingers apart on separate frets, start with y our index finger on the sixth fret.  Lift all your finger except for your index finger and strum a string on the top string.  After that put your middle finger down and strum on the top string.  Do this with all your finger on the first string and then go down to the bottom string strumming each string.  Make sure each finger is on each fret and strum each string for all your fingers.  Key is to start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Always start with your index finger and work to the pinky finger.  After that go to the next string until done.

After you have done this move your index finger to the first fret and the rest on the following frets.

Guitar Exercises for Beginners

Make sure that each finger is on its own fret.  Moving your finger to the first fret will help as they will be more apart.  This is a great way to advance your guitaring.

Remember to keep your finger curved.  Do not play on the sides of your finger but only on the tip of your fingers.


Speed while playing the guitar can be a very necessary skill especially if you are playing a fast beat song.

EXERCISE 5 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

This exercise will help you especially for playing with more speed.  For this exercise you will need a metronome. This you will need so that you can pick the string each time the metronome instructs you to.  This will help not only with speed but with rhythm.

To start you will need to put your index finger on fret one and each finger on the following frets on the first string.  Each finger will go on its own fret.  Start your metronome and play with it starting on your index finger.  Strum the strum with your index finger on and move to your middle finger to your ring and then to your pinky finger.  Go all the way to the bottom string.  Once you have reached the bottom you must strum back up starting with your pinky finger.

The way you can better your speed is to speed up your metronome and play with it going faster and faster on each exercise.

EXERCISE 6 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

This is very similar to one that we have already done.  Place your index on the first string on fret one.  Place your second finger on fret two string one and then your ring finger on the third fret on string one.  And then your pinky finger on the forth fret on the first string.  Now that you have all your fingers ready you will need to play the top string for each finger.  Play all fingers and then move to the second string and then right down to the sixth string.

After you have reached your sixth string move all your fingers and start it again.  This time placing your first finger – the index on the first string, second fret.  And each finger on the following frets.  Now play them again until they all have been played and then move your finger to the third fret with the rest following.  Keep doing this until all your fingers have moved all the way down the fretboard.  You can do this at any speed that your are comfortable with.  The key is to be accurate so that each finger goes on each string and they all get played properly.  Do not worry about speed but worry about accuracy as speed is what you get when you are accurate.

EXERCISE 7 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

As I said in the previous exercise that accuracy is the key to building up speed.  So for this one you will need to practice three chords.  When playing you will need to be able to switch from one chord to another with ease and not slow down.  So best is to practice chords like:


Practice playing between these three chords and learn to play all variations of these.  Also add your own chords and any other three or even four chords.  Also add more difficult chords like bar chords as this will also help you to play them quicker.

This will help with your speed as you will learn to play from one chord to another.  You do not need to play fast but rather be accurate.  Once you have got accuracy with switching chords you will automatically play faster.


EXERCISE 8 – Guitar Exercises for Beginners

For this exercise you will need to place your four fingers on each fret from fret six.  And then you will need to play each finger on each from but starting from your small or pinky finger.  Try play this exercise non stop until you have reach the bottoms strings.  Once you have reached the bottom strings you will need to play them back up.  Do not pause between strings but try playing on wards once you have reached on index finger.  Once you play the index finger more your small or pinky finger down and be ready to play.


Just like any other thing in life you need to practice and exercise in the thing you want to be good at.  The same goes for guitaring.  Exercising your fingers not only helps with playing accuracy but also with playing speed.  The more you exercise your fingers with the above the more you will improve your game.  The more I play guitar the more I realise there are so many aspects to be able to play well and you need to be really disciplined and you must have the passion.

Once you have got your finger exercises going well you can also check out strumming guitar patterns that is very interesting for any beginner.  If you have tried these and have had good results please leave us a message here below as I would love to hear from you.