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6 Guitar Gadgets and Accessories You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Why not beef up your guitar with some cool and interesting guitar gadgets.  If you knew me better you would know that I am always on the look out for some very nice guitar accessory or gadgets.  As they make the music journey even more fun and interesting.  I have made a list of 6 items i just love and I would highly recommend you to try them.  I am a regular sucker for anything that resembles a gadget and that is why I found this list necessary.  Any of these would be a perfect gift and you should put consider adding one of these to any gift list, especially for the budding guitarist.



Roadie 2 - Standalone Automatic Smart Guitar Tuner for all String Instruments

Roadie 2 – Standalone Automatic Smart Guitar Tuner for all String Instruments

What could be more convenient than this little guitar tool.  This a a dream gadget that can fit in your pocket of guitar case with ease.

So imagine this:You doing a guitar gigg and your guitar sounds a bit out of tune.  As you sit on your chair your put your guitar on your lap and then take out your nifty little guitar gadget.  You place the guitar tuner on the tuning pegg and it does the tuning for you.

This is a standalone guitar tuner, this means that you don’t need any APP to assist you with the tuning.  You can also tune your guitar in with any surrounding noise.  The tuner does have an APP available but this is not for the actual tuning but add more features like custom tuning for custom instruments and more.


The RAT2 Distrortion Pedal was famous back in the 1980’s but is still very relevant these days.  Since the 1980’s this pedal has had a modern reworking but since then has was used in loads of different studios.  This pedal board gives a full and flat quality sound that also allows the clarity of an instrument to shine through.

The pedal is great and gives the user an assortment of distorted tones that he can rock on with.  The distortion can be changed by moving the movable distortion button.  The RAT2 comes out with a heavy duty metal housing, button and nobs that makes this unit very strong and durable.  It’s got military spec glass epoxy circuit boards in it so it is definitely tough.



This is a great sounding 20w combo, it is very small in size which is convenient to carry around and does not take up much space.  This amp features 1 channel but you can select different amp models.   If you into metal this would be a perfect amp to get as it plays it so well.  The Fender amp comes with a removable power cord that is 5ft long an eight inch size speaker.

The tap button is to delay time or tremolo speed.  An aux chord will work if you want to play music from your computer but is more used for your guitar.  The amp weighs 12.2 pounds straight out of the box.  I would totally suggest you purchase this little gem of an amp for yourself.



This item comes with two parts.  The first part is the body pack that straps to your belt and the other is a plectrum shaped item that connects to your acoustic guitar.  The acoustic stage is used to pick up sound from your guitar and play it through a sound system for the stage or studio.

iRig acoustic stage is a revolutionary digital microphone system that combines the convenience of a piece pickup with the sound quality of a studio microphone.  Now you can play live with your steel or nylon string acoustic and get the same natural rich sound as in the studio.  We all know how challenging it can be to get a good quality full bodied tone from an acoustic guitar in a live situation.  The high-quality microphone captures not just the tone and character of your guitar but gets the air the pick and the playing style of the performer just like a good studio condenser would.


Now here is a very interesting gadget, this is the sort of thing I just love getting my hands on.  The Jamstick allows you to learn and have fun all at the same time.  This a basically a portable guitar that you can use to practice or play from your android or iPhone.  The Jamstick looks and feels just like the average guitar, except far from an actual guitar.  The metal strings do not strum and does not sound like a guitar unless plugged in.  This item will work with your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac.  It was not originally designed to work on an android but the engineers at Jamstick have been working hard to get it working.  Most androids will be compatible with the Jamstick see this link to check what andoids will work.


Jamstick Guitar is very portable and can be used on the road and you don’t have to carry your electrical guitar if you travelling somewhere.  Playing on the Jamstick is almost the same feeling as playing a real guitar.  This item makes it own wifi signal which you connect to with your device.

One downside to this is when playing it does not sit in your arm as a normal guitar does.  This is obvious as this is not the same size as a guitar but to me just would be something you need to get used to.



Another great accessory to have is this LED light strip.  The Fret Zealot is basically a custom strip of LED’s that’is meant to fit a standard neck on a regular six string guitar.  If you were playing on stage somewhere this would be a great thing to add to your guitar.  To install these lights is very easy, your can take your guitar strings off or just add them under the strings.  This item does connect via bluethooth to your an android or IOS APP.  The bluetooth is however a little spotty as it does sometimes disconnect.

There are 3 sections to the Fret Zealot APP:

  1. Play – this part you can choose you favourite songs and chords to practice and a guitar tuner.
  2. Learn – This part of the APP has chords, notes and scales and lessons.  This a mainly the past you will use to learn most of the guitar chords and songs.
  3. Fun – this allows you to let the LED lights flash randomly.  You can also select different LED light flashings, this would be great for a live event.


Guitaring is loads of fun and learning as a beginner is awesome.  I hope you enjoyed my list of guitar gadgets and accessories.  These are all so great and I could not choose a best product from this list.  Try one of them and let me know in comment below what you think.  If you have any further ideas on great gadgets please let us know.