how to learn to play guitar by yourself

Learn To Play Guitar By Yourself With These Easy Steps – Beginner Guide


How to learn to play guitar by yourself.  Have you finally decided to learn the guitar but would prefer to teach yourself?

Does playing the guitar looks very difficult?

Do you feel like you cannot do this by yourself?

Are you a complete beginner?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then you came to the right place.

In this article I am going to give you easy practical steps to learning the guitar.  If you are a complete beginner then you are my friend and I want to help you to play.  How can I help you, you may ask?  Well that is because I have recently taught myself how to play the guitar. And I will show you where to start.

You do not need to pay for an expensive course or pay and expensive teacher to teach you.  You CAN teach yourself, teaching yourself is actually better than learning from any instruction that is paid for.

Take the money you wanted to spend on your teaching and put it towards the giutar.

Learning to play the guitar looks like a difficult task.  It actually is not.  There is a process you must follow, actually a very easy process.  They key to getting it right is by not giving up. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself

how to learn to play guitar by yourself


how to learn to play guitar by yourself

See the above picture for all the different parts of the acoustic and electric guitar.  You will notice that they both have very similar guitar parts.

From the top of the guitar the head.

  • The head hold up the strings and the tuning machines (keys).
  • Tuning Keys:  They are used to tune in the guitar.  They are normally little keys you will turn so that you can tighten the strings.
  • The neck:  The neck runs from the body of the guitar to the head.  The neck has got a fret board attached that is used to play the chords.
  • Frets:  The frets run down the front of the guitar neck.  Each fret has got a different sound and is a very important part of playing the guitar and knowing where the chords are.
  • Fingerboard:  The fingerboard is where you will place your fingers when playing different chords.
  • Positions markers:  This just shows different frets as you go down the neck of the guitar.
  • Pickups:  The electric guitar has got pickups that pick up the vibration of the strings and feed the sound to the amp or sound system.
  • Soundhole:  The soundhole is just under the strings and is on the body of the guitar.  The vibration of the strings go into the soundhole to create the sound.
  • Saddle:  the saddle holds the strings onto the body of the guitar.
  • Output jack:  this is where you put the cable that runs from the guitar into the sound system or AMP. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


The very first step will be getting yourself a cheap guitar or electric guitar.  Read this article about seven beginner guitars, this will make it easier choosing your first guitar.

I always say start cheap as you can always upgrade as you get better.  Also you might find learning the guitar is not for you or maybe you give up.  About 80% of beginner guitarists give up as they think it is just too difficult.  That is why I always say do not give up.

I actually recommend you purchase an electric guitar.  An electric guitar just is nice and you can change the sound from a hard rock sound to an acoustic sound.  If you do purchase an electric guitar make sure you get yourself an amplifier, plug in cable, strap and a gig bag.  This will all make playing the guitar a lot easier.  You also get great beginner packages at Amazon that has the amp and all the rest you need to get started. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself

how to learn to play guitar by yourself


Tune your guitar in, how do you do this?  Check out this video that will show you how to do this with Guitar Tuna.

The first guitar you own will always be your baby.  I got my first guitar for $50 and I still use it, it seems to have a sentimental value to me.  Now that you have a guitar you will need to start practising.  Pick a time in your day that you will be able to practice each day.  Even if you  practice for thirty minutes a day.  Start by practising the most easy guitar chords.  Download this app from Playstore that you can use to check all the chords:  Guitar TunaHow to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


There are three main ways to hold your guitar.


Throw the guitar on your right leg and close to your body. The guitar must not be slide down on any side of your leg. Reach around with your right hand and hold it up against the body of the guitar.  Take you left hand and support the neck.  This is the most common way of playing the guitar. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


how to learn to play guitar by yourself


You will need a foot stool for this one.  Put your left foot on the stool and put the guitar on your lap of the left leg.  Wrap your right arm around the guitar and pull it up against you.  Use your left hand to support the neck and play the chords.

Using this method gives you a better access to the chords and the fret board of the neck.  This method is great if you playing a fast song and need to move your hands around quickly. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


how to learn to play guitar by yourself

Standing Method

With this method you will need to purchase yourself a guitar strap.  The strap will assist you to keep the guitar up while playing.

You should also use a strap if you are sittin.  Because it is easy to move from a sitting position to a standing position if you have strap as the guitar will not move.  You also have the option to lower the guitar if you want with the strap.  Most people like the guitar in the middle and it is the most comfortable to play.

Try all three of these and see what you like the most. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


When you start playing the guitar is just looks like a huge task ahead of you.  You might also find that the progress learning all the chords is taking too long.  The key is to push through whatever discomfort you might have. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Your fingers should not bleed if you play for an hours or so at a time.  You also must not push too hard down on the strings.  Pushing hard on the strings puts loads of strain on your beginner finger tips.  You need to get a few calluses on top of your fingers. The key to getting calluses will be to play continuously until they come, it usually takes about three weeks of continuous play.



Once you have a calluses you cannot bleed on the tips of your fingers. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


To be able to play the guitar you need to know most of the chords. I say most as a lot of chords are not played.

To start playing and being able to hold a song you will need to learn about eight chords. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Most songs only use these chords.  See this article 100 Super Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners, here you can see that most songs do not use more than about 5 – 8 chords.  And most of these chords are very basic and easy to play. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The A chords is very easy to play as you can see above.  This is a very popular chords that is played.  Learning to play this is a walk in the park.

It is your index, middle and ring finger that does the work.  The chord also sound beautiful, try it right now – sounds great? How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The C chords is also very basic and easy to play.  This chords also uses the index, middle and ring finger. After no time you will be able to play this one without even looking.  To speed up this chord place your ring finger down first and then the rest.  Doing that will speed up going from any other chord to the C chord. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The G chord is my favourite chord to play.  Most people say it is more difficult but I have always managed to play without issues.  Maybe because I got bog fingers, people with smaller fingers might find it difficult as they need to stretch those fingers out. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The f chord is another great chord to play.  There are a few ways you can play this one but it is better to just play it properly especially from the beginning.

This will be your first bar chord that you will need to learn.  Bar chords can be challenging as it is such a strange way to stretch your fingers.  But the KEY to getting this right will be to practice it as much as possible.  Your fingers will not want to listen to you and will feel weird.  They key is to push through any negative thoughts and you will get it eventually. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The D chord is the easiest chords you will learn and is a very used chord in loads of songs.  Practice this one as much as possible.  This will be easy to learn and eventually you will know this chord without you having to look. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



This is another great and very easy chord to play.  You will also notice that it is played in a lot of songs.  Just the first three fingers will need to be used to play and it sounds great – give it a go!



The B minor chords is also a very popular chord.  I have found that the B minor is more popular than the B major.  The bar chord is a little more complicated to play but with practice you will get it in not time.  There are also a few other ways you can play that you can see in the above video. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself



The E minor chord is another very easy chord to play.  In my opinion it is the easiest out of these chords by a long shot.  This one should be very easy to pick up and is played often in thousands of great songs.  How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself

Learning the above chords can look intimidating but it is not. Take one chord at a time and practice it and then go to the next one.  The key will be to actually remember where your fingers go.

The bar chords will be a challenge and can be difficult to play but with practice you will get them in no time.  The way I learned these was to test myself after learning a few of these chords.

You also need to get your finger into playing chords.  As a beginner guitarist your fingers will not just fall into play.  Practice and practice and you will learn them . If I could then so can you. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Now that you know these chords does not mean you can now play.  There are still more steps you will need to take.

The next thing you must do is playing and switching the chords from one to another.  The reason you want to do this is that it will help you when you playing a song.  The more you practice changing between two chords the better.  You will become more accurate and you will be able to switch between the chords quicker.

The key is not to switch between chords quicker but to be more accurate.  Accuracy is very important when playing chords because if you place your finger on the wrong string you wont sound too good. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Learning to strum is another very big part of learning to play the guitar. You can  go from beginner to intermediate player in no time if you can strum.  You will need to learn to strum with the beat of the song so that it sounds great.  If you strum out of beat you will sound terrible and nobody will be impressed. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Another great way to learn and pick up tips is to watch other guitarists play. You might be able to pick up a technique that you can learn.  The best way of watching that helped me tremendously was to watch Youtube.  Youtube has tons of videos that can show you everything about guitaring.  This is actually my favourite way and will benefit you. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


Recording yourself playing will also help you as you can hear how you sound.  Play a song that you have learnt and record it.  Once you play it back you might find you lack in certain areas like strumming or timings. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


My next favourite way to learn a song is to print them from Ultimate Guitar. This website has every songs known to man, or close to that.  Each song can be printed and each song comes with all the guitar chords needed to play them.  You can then also play those songs with the help of Youtube.  I also enjoy printing them and filing each song I have learnt and that I can play. How to Learn to Play Guitar by Yourself


My conclusion is simple, do not give up and push through every negative comment or thought you might get as a beginner guitarist.  Practice each and every chord as much as possible and learn to strum to a beat.  You do not need to play some instructor to teach you as you will be wasting your money.  Rather go through the above and check Youtube for videos on how to play.  If you carry on playing and practice hard you will be able to play in no time.

Give it a go and see how far your mind will allow you to go…