learn guitar in nine days

Learn to Play Guitar in 9 Days. Follow This Easy Step by Step Guide


So have you finally decided you want to play the guitar.  Learning can seem to be a huge mountain ahead of you.  But if you take your learning one step at a time you will be fine.  You will not be able to play like a professional overnight.  Learning to play the guitar will take time and dedication.  No one can do something amazing without having a passion a plan and a vision. – learn to play guitar

In this nine day tutorial you will learn how to play from the pure beginner who has never played the guitar before to someone who can play well.  You do need to make a decision to follow this plan and if you do and stick to it you should be able to play the guitar pretty well in thirty days.


  1. A guitar, this can be an acoustic or electrical guitar.
  2. A cellphone, you will need your cellphone to downloads two apps that you can use to learn to play.
  3. If you want an electric guitar you will also need an AMP.


Once you have purchased yourself a guitar you will need to tune in your guitar.  The cheaper the guitar is the more often you will need to tune it in.  Tuning your guitar is very easy, read this article: How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner. Easy Step By Step Guide – Tutorial.


This all depends on the quality of your guitar.  The very cheap guitars can go out of tune each time you play.  This can be very annoying and you could be tuning in your guitar more than playing it.  Purchase a guitar for at least $150 to get one that can stay in tune for a little longer. – learn to play guitar


Once you have tuned in your guitar you will be ready to learn to play. You are a officially a beginner guitarist.  This for some reason might sound daunting but it really is not.  Read through the below plan and take one step at a time. – learn to play guitar


The more time you make available the better it will be for you.  But even if you put thirty minutes aside each day you will be great.



When learning to play you will have loads of chords to learn like the one above.  The above chord is the A chord.  So in the above picture you will see numbers 2,1 and 3 on lines.  The numbers will be your fingers tips that will press on the strings.  The lines going sideways are the frets.  If you are not familiar with the guitar basics please read this article before proceeding: Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – a Simple Guide to Guitar Basics.  In this article you will learn the basics like what a fret is and the different strings etc.


In the above picture you will see me playing the A chord.  You fingers will be on fret 2 on strings 3, 4 and 5.  With other chords you will change your fingers according to the chord. – learn to play guitar


So you have made up your mind to play.  Well done.  Before you start day one make sure you have reminded yourself that you cannot give up.  If you give up you will never get to a point where you can play a song.  Remember that you will never be great from the beginning.  Your fingers need to get used to play and changing chords.  You need to be able to hear the beat in and song and strum accordingly.  You have a very cool, GREAT journey ahead of you.  DO NOT GIVE UP – this must be your moto. – learn to play guitar


For the first day I want you to start off with the easiest chords to play.  The very first chord that you must learn will be the A and A minor chord.  I am not wanting you to play the A chords because it is the first letter in the alphabet but because it is the easiest chord to play.  Get your finger in place on the fretboard and press your finger tips down on the strings.  You might find that putting your fingers down on the strings feel awkward.  This is normal and the more string you learn to play the easier you will find this.  Once your fingers are on these chords strum the string above the soundhole.  Practice taking your fingers off and putting them back on the same spots for chord A.  This is a very easy chords and is played more than most other chords when playing.  Now once you used to playing the A chord practice the Am chord until you feel comfortable.  Now change between the two chords from A to Am and back.  Just strum the strings once on each string and change it back to the next string. – learn to play guitar



One of my favourite chords to play would be the D chord.  This chord is another very easy chord to play and is played in almost all songs.  Once you have played for a while you will know this chord off by heart.  Today you must practice playing chord D.  Push you fingers down on the strings as in the below and strum on the strings.  Practice taking your fingers off and on the same strings over and over.  Try and memorise where your fingers go on the fretboard for chord D and play without looking.  Practice this over and over.


Now practice the D minor chord.  This chord is not played as often as the D chord but it is important to know how to play.  Practice the Dm chord until you know it and then practice switching between the D and Dm chords.



The next easy chord to learn will be the C chord.  The chord is very simple and you should be able to play this without much thought in no time.  Remember to practice strumming this chord and play it over and over by taking your fingers off and putting them back on again.  This is also one of those chords that you will play often as it is often played in most songs.


The next chord for day 3 would be the C minor chord.  Practice this chord and strum the strings with your fingers on the strings.  Keep strumming and taking your fingers off and putting them back on.  Now practice switching between the two chords until you feel comfortable. – learn to play guitar


You might notice that your finger tips are a bit sensitive on day three or even on day two.  You will need to play through this pain until you they form calluses on the tip of each finger.  The more you play the better the pain will become.  Also remember that if you stop playing your finger tips will go back to how they were. – learn to play guitar


The next chords you will learn will be the G and G minor chords.  These are very simple to play and the G chord is one of my favourite chords to play.  The G chord is played in loads of songs.  The G minor chord is not played as much or hardly ever.  I have maybe played it in one song in the past 6 months.  The key to learning to play these chords will be in the changing of the chords.  Remember to switch from one chord to the next while practicing so you can learn to place your fingers correctly. – learn to play guitar



Welcome to day 5, these will be your first bar chords you will need to learn.  A bar chord is more difficult to play than the others that you have practised to far.  But do not stress as only with time and lots of practice will these chords become easier.  You will not be able to play these perfectly from the start unless you have great unknown talent.  As you become better at playing the guitar you will find that bar chords might be your chord of choice.  I have been playing the guitat for a few months now and still find playing bar chords tough.



On day 6 I want you to go through all you have learnt above and try playing each chord after each other.  Remember that no normal person like you or me will be able to just know these chords.  It will take lots of practice to be able to play them and most importantly to switch between them.  Practice switching from the A chord to G to F and so forth.  Practice this as much as possible for this day.


Well done, you have been a guitarist for 1 week today and that is a great achievement.  Remember that you must not give up on this as this is just the beginning.  All guitarist have felt like giving up for whatever reason.  Keep going even when people say to you that you cannot play.  Other people who have negative things to say might wish they had the balls to actually start.  Keep going!  TODAY you will need you make yourself a little test. Write down all these chords on a piece of paper.  Write down the following chords in the order you learnt them.  A, Am, D, Dm, C, G, Gm, F, Fm.  Now go through each chord as you play them while covering the chords on the sheet.  Once you have played the chord check to see if you got it right.  If you got the chord right put a tick next to it and go to the next chord.  If you get the next on wrong put a X next to it.  Now go through the chords until you have ticks next to each chord.  This is a very good way of learning to play. – learn to play guitar


The B chords are also more bar chords that you will need to learn to play.  The B minor chords is played in more songs than the B chord.  But knowing them is important as they are both played in tons of songs.  Learn to stretch you index finger over the strings and placing your other fingers on the strings that make the chord.  Try playing both the chords by play the B chord first and then switching over to the Bm.  After you have learn these you will need to play them as much as possible to get used to playing bar chords. – learn to play guitar



Today we will learn how to strum the guitar.  Learning to strum is as important as learning the guitar chords.  When playing the guitar in a band you will be able to strum with the beat of the drums.  As the drums are hit you will strum to that beat.  Read this article on strumming guitar patterns, once you know the above chords and can strum like you are a guitarist.  You might be a beginner guitarist for now but the more you play and learn the better you will become. – learn to play guitar


After day nine it does not mean you will be good at playing.  The above is a guide to learning the most important guitaring in order to play a song.  You will need to practice daily going forward without giving up.  Keep you eyes focused on the end goal of being able to play.  Follow this nine day guide and then check this app on your phone to check more chords.  After you know these chords you will need to learn as many others as possible. – learn to play guitar