strumming guitar patterns

Strumming Guitar Patterns 5 Patterns Any Beginner Can Learn


Becoming a good guitarist requires more than just learning chords.  You will also need to learn to strum the guitar.  Strumming is not just simply strumming in any rhythm.  There is a technique to it, there are actually a few techniques that we will go through below.  Knowing the different chords are great, but if you cannot strum to the beat of a song then the whole song will be out.  Beginner guitarists might make the mistake of learning the chords only and then making a fool of themselves when they try play in front of other people.  How do I know this you might ask?  Well, that is because I did this exact mistake as a beginner, that is because I was a beginner and still am 🙂 .  I went confidently playing for the church band and then only noticed after a few band practice sessions that I was off beat.  In this article: Beginner Guitar Hacks  I said under hack number four that you must jump right in, this meaning don’t be scared to play in front of other people. I still do believe that you must do that but you must know that you might still look like a beginner if you have not practised enough.  Learning to strum actually comes with technique that you have to learn.  In this article I will try show you how to strum.  By the time you have read this and implemented it you should be one step close to becoming a good guitarist. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


strumming guitar patterns

Using the correct pic is vital to being able to strum correctly.  You need a pic that is not too hard but one that is soft enough to bend a bit over the strings.  Strumming with a thinner pic just sounds better and just sounds brighter.  Using a .6mm pic is probably the best and will work the best.  Also get one with a grip or grain on it so you can grip it while playing.


Strumming patterns will help you tremendously when you play.  These will be your building blocks when learning to play the guitar. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


This is the simplest strumming technique that is taught to beginners.  This lesson will show you how to get that basic down-up strum technique going.


Now when using a pic you need to tighten your grip on the back of the pic.  Just enough that is can wiggle in your fingers.  Do not hold the pic too stiff as it won’t sound right, hold it just right so that it goes nicely across the string.

So strum with the pic, down, down, up, down, and then again down, down, up down. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


strumming guitar patterns

When strumming with your fingers you will use the thumb nail to strum up and and the top of the rest of your finger nails to strum down.

Lets practice that strumming that without the pic, down, down, up, down, and then again down, down, up down.

Twist slightly with your hand while moving your hand up and down at the same time. Remember to brush across the strings. Don’t dig your fingers too much into the strings or make your fingers too stiff.  Just relax them and strum up and down.  Practice this as this is the basics of guitar strumming. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


This is a strumming technique that is used often that brings interest to a specific tune.  This is where you will strum the strings and then push you hand down on the strings to mute them.  When muting the string after playing them is brings a specific tune the the strum. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


Start this off with your fingers on the A chords.  With a pic you must strum the strings down holding the top of the pic not too tightly so that the pic is not too stiff.  As soon as the pic has strummed down you must immediately push your palm of your hand down on the strings. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


So when strumming with your fingers you must strum up with the inside of your gingers and strum down with the nails of the rest of your fingers.  So do the same strumming pattern as with the pic as shown above.  Down, down, up, down, hand down with your palm on the strings.  Now also speed it up a bit more and you will see how nice it sounds. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


You can incorporate this specific strumming pattern into a strum, like this.  Down, down, up down, palm.  When the word palm comes up above it means that after you have strummed down you must push your palm down on the strings.  You actually need to push your palm down very quickly to get the correct affect.  Practise this strumming pattern more quickly and you will notice how great it actually sounds. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


See the picture below, see how the palm of the hand is pushed down on the string.  This is done immediately after the strum down.

strumming guitar patterns


If you a beginner you are a NOOB, this is not an insult so don’t stress. As a beginner guitarist you need to learn this one.  It is the most basic strumming pattern to learn.  The strumming pattern goes like this: Down, down, down, up, down, up.  Practice playing this with a pic and do every down on a one second mark.  After practising this you need to speed it up more.  Practise this for 5 minutes a day or even more.  Get into the pattern of strumming down, down, up, down, up over and over.  This will help you get into strumming. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


The next step of learning this chord will be to do it with simple chords.  Lets start with a chord G and a chord D while strumming in the same pattern as above.  Do the strumming pattern twice on chord G and then twice again on chord D.  Now do this over and over until you can easily do this without too much thinking.  The more you practice the better you will become.

If you start to lose the rhythm forget about the chords and practice the strumming again. Strumming to the pattern is key before going further.  Get that natural feeling of rhythm going over and over.  Move your arm up and down while strumming through the pattern.


Lets get the blood flowing with this next very cool strumming pattern.  This pattern is a little more difficult to play but with some dedicated practice any beginner will be able to do it without thinking too much.  We will only use a pic again for this one.  To start off only practice the strumming pattern without adding any chords to it.  This will help you get into this strumming pattern without complicating it, especially in the beginning. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS

This pattern goes like this, down, up, down, up, up, down, up.

Practice this one over and over, see the video below and you can follow Marty.

When using the pic it must be an extension of your finger nail.  Hold the pic up just above your index finger and tilt it to your right if you looking at it in front of you, that is how you need to play this. Practice this pattern of playing a few times over and over.  You need to practice as much as possible to get this 100% right.  Practice maybe 5-10 minutes a day.  You don’t have to go too long but practising daily is KEY!

The natural feeling of rhythm is a very important thing to learn. That is why you need to go through this a few times until you can feel it in your bones.  Learning rhythm is like breathing, you have to do it otherwise you not going to play nicely.  If you feel you don’t have this rhythm you must not give up.  Keep going until you can play well. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


It as vital that you can switch between chords while dong this or any other strumming pattern.  Why? Because this is how you need to play the guitar. 🙂

So lets use the same chords as Marty uses in his above video.  Lets use chord G and practice strumming this pattern over and over.  You can also maybe add a D chord and practice changing between the two chords while playing the pattern over and over.

Practice playing the strumming pattern twice on G Chord and then change to the D chord.  On the D chord play the strumming pattern twice and then change over to the G chord. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


If you playing the above and not able to strum and play the chords at the same time – DO NOT STRESS.  Don’t say to yourself that I am now going to give up as I cannot do this.   Just take a deep breath….. ….. …..

Now practice the strumming pattern again without playing the chords.  Remember the main focus of learning to strum is actually just that – learning to strum.  Once you can strum you can then add playing chords.  Do one thing at a time and stay focused on the end goal. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


This is a little more of an advanced strumming pattern.  You will need to play this strumming pattern with a pic.  In this strumming pattern you will make use a the mute sound, just like in strum pattern two but a little more advanced.

The strumming pattern goes like this: down, up, up, down, up.

Play this rhythm over and over until you can play it without thinking too much.

Remember to always start this strumming pattern going down and then up.  Don’t start going up even if it sounds like it can.  Reason is because you need to place your palm down on the strings after you have strummed down.  So strum down and then before you have reached the bottom put your palm on the strings – muting them.  Watch Marty in above video – he does it perfectly.

Practice strumming down and then placing your palm on the strings.  Do this over and over. Until you have that great strummed mute sound.  This is not something you will just know, you need to practice it until you get it right.  The more I practised this the better I got at it. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS



Lets do this with my favourite chord G.  Down – mute, up, up, down – mute, up. Practice this over and over.  Remember mute means push you palm on the chords. If you can get this one you will hear that it sounds really amazing.

Another way to do this is by doing this pattern: down, up, mute, down, up, mute and then do the whole pattern again.  On the mute you still need to strum the chords quickly and then mute them.

Also you can then practice this pattern: down, up, up, mute.  Remember to strum quickly and mute 🙂

You will get there just practice and practice. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


Now do this with the G chord and E chord, do the strumming pattern twice on G chord and then go to the E chord.  Do the strumming pattern twice on the E chord and change back to the G chord.  Practice this over and over.  The key is to get that rhythm going and getting used to it. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


Now lets do it with three chords,  Em chord, G chord and C chord, do each chord twice on the strumming pattern and then move to the next one. You can also then slow down this strumming and do the chord changes slowly.  This just sounds amazing – do it and let me know in the comments below how it is going.  If you find that you struggling to do this then just practice the strumming pattern without doing the chords.  The strumming is the most important lesson here,  as I am sure you already know these chords.  – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS


Timing your strum is another very important thing to learn with regards to strumming.  A very simple strumming timing is just letting your arm go up and down in equal timing.  So strum down and then up – down in the same time as you strum up. Remember to keep strumming in that same timing even when changing chords or doing any other strumming pattern as shown above.



A metronome helps you keep timing to a specific beat, like if you have to play at 60 beats per minute then you can make sure you keep to that beat.  A metronome acts as a clock and will be your best bet as a beginner to stick to a certain beat. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS

what is a metronome

This is an older metronome that is still used.

There are APPs like guitar tuna that has a built in metronome that works really well.  You can easily play with any beat that you need by just adding the needed beats per minute. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS

Screenshot Image


So the key to using a metronome is strumming to play a chord on a specific beat.  Some metronomes will make a noise on each beat, then you will know when to strum or play that chord.  This is a very good way to learn your strumming rhythm and you can practice as much as you need to get this right.  – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS

See the above video that explains it so nicely.   Remember that is you don’t play to a specific beat you will play out and it won’t sound good at all.


No one is just born knowing how to play a guitar or knowing how to strum.  Strumming has to be taught as in the above article and then practised over and over.  The KEY to this is knowing that you don’t know how to do that but practising until you can.  Do not give up and keep going.  If you are struggling to play chords while doing the strumming pattern then you need to just practice the strumming alone.

You should learn the chords first before learning these strumming patterns as it will just be a lot easier.  You can learn how to play guitar chords right here: Learn guitar in only 2 weeks.

Please let me know how you have done by commenting below.  I am very interested to see if this article actually helped you.  Also let me know what other topics you would like me to write on by commenting below.  Please remember to practice this over and over until you know this very well.  My biggest moto fro learning the guitar is: DONT EVER GIVE UP, and I really mean this.

This is an article that I would have love to learn with regards to strumming guitar patterns.  Knowing Strumming guitar patterns is key to been able play the guitar correctly. – STRUMMING GUITAR PATTERNS