Types of Guitarists

Types of Guitarists | 9 Different Types of Guitarists – which one are you?


If you have been to a rock show or even to a small church where there is a band you will notice there are loads of different guitarists.  Each guitarist has their own unique style of playing, dressing, strumming and standing.  We are all different, and that is cool as if we where all the same that would just be boring.

I have made a list of different guitarist we might see playing, be it around a campfire or in your local church, you are bound to have one of these people around rocking with their guitar. – Types of Guitarists


Yes, you have seen them, more than likely on the cover of your favorite CD.  But if you are lucky you might have one in your local band or even in your church band.  These guys or gals like to jam and are more likely to rock.  They might even have a different dress type like Slash in the above picture.

These type of guitarist know their stuff and can play those chords like the best in the business.  They love to play guitar and can lead a normal band, they will stand out with their boldness and more than likely won’t care what people think of them.  On the odd occasion, you might find then breaking out with their crazy rock and roll tunes.  You can not blame them as rock and roll is in their blood.



You might have seen one of these types playing in your local church band or school band.  They are the kids or adults that know more than the average. More than likely the accountant or chemists who got their hands on the guitar sometime in their lives.  Yes, they can play and they play really well.  These guitarists can tell you everything about guitaring and might even throw in a few extra facts for you to ponder on.

They might even be the “know it all guitarist” that will try to prove you wrong with everything you thought you knew.  They normally dress very neatly, possibly with a bow tie or buttoned up shirt even around the campfire.  You will notice one when you see one.  These dudes could be the guitar teachers that help teach upcoming guitarists.  They possibly will enjoy playing the classical type of guitar.  Keep a lookout you will see one day!


Types of Guitarists

They will come to band practice early, they will learn their chords off by heart.  They love playing the guitar but it looks like they are overstressed while playing.  They never smile on stage and do not even move much.  Their face says it all and they mean business.

You might find they are depressed and play to feel better but playing just makes them feel worse.  They play heavy sad songs that will make everyone else feel serious.  Their music might make you feel down in the dumps.  An example would be Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, this guy committed suicide in 1994.


These guys are just lazy, they play but give it half a go.  They play but would rather be watching The Office and they never come to band practice.  You won’t want one of these guitarists in your band as they won’t commit to the gig.  The will dress scruffily with wrinkles on their clothing.

If you must start playing your gig at 9 pm they will arrive at 8:57 and won’t be ready.  There might have been a time when they loved playing guitar and was committed but over time things changed and they maybe do not enjoy playing anymore. – Types of Guitarists


Types of Guitarists

You will notice this type immediately.  They are the followers in the band.  They try really hard but more than likely their guitar is out of tune.  They might be committed but will never be good enough.  You will have a laugh when you see these guys in a band, they are actually funny in their own right.

Playing the guitar to them is cool but they do not know why else they are playing.  They the sort of people that play to get a chick. – Types of Guitarists


Have you ever seen a guitarist who has more pedals in front of them than anything on a stage?  Well, this is the pedal hoarder, they do not just have about 100 pedals but take them all with them whenever they play.  Be it at a church band or rocking in the pub, maybe even around the camp fire they never forget to take their load with them.

They probably play really well but their collection  is overwhelming.  Do not even try to tell this guys they have taken too many as they will blow a fuse – good luck dealing with one of these characters. – Types of Guitarists


Types of Guitarists

The guy with sunglasses on in the church that play for the church band, you’ve will notice him immediately.  He is not only the loudest but plays really bad as well.  This is the sort of guy that you cannot say anything about guitaring to as he will know it already.

I have never played with one of them but I can guarantee you that he will rock the stage even if it only makes him feel good. – Types of Guitarists


Types of Guitarists

These dudes play a gig every day.  These kinda people might be very good guitarists but need to go and show the world their music.  Even if their world is on the corner.  They are the go-getters of the guitar world.  They might have a cap or their guitar case open to score a few dollars.

These guys are super dedicated and might even play when no one is around.  If you see one of the cool dudes pass them a dollar or five.  At least they are out rocking it to the world – their own world… – Types of Guitarists


They take their guitars everywhere, whenever they go out they will be jamming.  These guys love playing and cannot stop playing no matter where they go.  There are not a lot of these people around but when you see one you have to take a pic or even better a video of him and send it to someone.

They are a gem in the world of guitaring as they are super dedicated and possibly very good at playing the guitar. – Types of Guitarists


Most guitarists are cool, but you might find one of these interesting people above around you one day.  Do not get angry as we are all different and unique and a little dumb in some way or other.  Maybe you can relate to yourself in one of the above, if you can then that is so cool.

If not than you are a regular guitarist like the most of us.  Whatever guitarist you are keep on playing and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot. – Types of Guitarists

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